We think of ourselves as the design partners and extension of your company. We team up with profitable wellness consultancies who want to take a leap into tech.

We are with you from the very start: from generating initial ideas, drafting the first concept, to prototyping, validating and getting investor pitch-ready.

We scale your wellness service business

through tech.

Pitch quickly

Get initial concepts in 2 weeks. A functional MVP app ready for investor pitches in 6-8 months.

Validate often

De-risk your wellness product
ideas through 3 rounds of user validation.

In-house talent

Partner with a full-stack design and research team to lead the process.

Connect with this product design and research team.

Messy lives, messy homes, messy minds. We all have them. We shed some light on intriguing creative lives as incomplete yet refreshing illustrations of modern wellness and un/wellness so we can reflect, grow, heal and get well, together.

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