to target core user experience bottlenecks.
Check out our shop for culture-forward ideation tools to take your digital product to the next level.
A team of experts using industry-proven research methods to help startups increase their user engagement.
Helping SaaS companies increase product-market fit.. Through strategic planning and expert user research, we help create a product that meets your customer’s needs.
Magnifying marketing efforts. We refine the toughest steps in your product experience, so those who sign up stick around, leading to an optimal return on ad spend (ROAS).
Providing high-priority user insights. Helping you understand your customer’s behavior, what they value and the reasons for their in-app choices.
They talk about us
Thierno, CEO & Founder, TSD Telecom, Winnipeg
"A user experience audit and score measured against key UX metrics gave us what we needed to improve our user experience, create a simplified sign-in process and strengthen our digital product offering overall. We look forward to working with Wabala Studio more."
Ashley, Marketing Manager at Fintech Company, Fredericton
"Wabala Studio insights were very valuable to help us work on our engagement strategy at the user onboarding stage. We now see the benefit of having an expert opinion."
James, Product Lead at clean tech company,
“A well-structured approach to their evident design-thinking expertise. They provided invaluable insights, aiding us in strategic evaluation of our priorities. I highly recommend for anyone seeking impactful UX research.”
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Built for speed and results
We built internal processes to deliver your strategic roadmaps, analysis reports or test results within 3 hours, 48 hours and a few weeks depending on the model you choose. No more chasing deadlines. You won’t have to wonder where we are in our process because your deliverables will already be on your doorstep.
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Bang for your buck
The cost of hiring a design talent is high. Hiring a UX researcher, a designer and a UX writer costs about 360 000 USD and more per year, in North America. It amounts to a minimum monthly investment of $30 000$. Our starting price is 20% of a UX monthly salary. Learn more about the return on investment of UX below.
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Our Services
MVP and Concept Building
Build a new app or software from scratch by choosing our Minimum Viable Product service.
Product-Market Fit Score
Measure your product-market fit and UX Success score. Get clarity about where your digital product stands in the eyes of your customers so we can help you move to the next level.
Engagement Optimizers
Increase your user engagement and retention metrics up to 50% by choosing one of the Optimizer packages we offer.
Testing Rounds
Usability, onboarding and content testing with a 3 to 5-week turnaround.
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Why work with us?
Our engagements are short and sweet making sure you get your hands on results within hours, days and weeks.
You get exclusive discounts and offers of professional services, wellness retreats and physical goods.
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We donate a portion of our product profits to support 4+ children living under extreme poverty, per month.
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Our Process
Questions & Answers
What is user experience (UX)?
User experience is a commitment to developing digital products with compassion, and integrity. It follows a philosophy popularized by IDEO called human-centered design. Its aim is to balance business goals and real needs with technical constraints.

User experience is more than beautiful visuals. It's about understanding the journeys, needs and challenges of people and creating opportunities to make their lives better using technology.
How does UX add value to my tech business?
Investing in UX is a sound business decision. The return on investment of UX is huge. Some companies get 300 to 9,900% of their investment back, but you can expect that every dollar you invest in UX will bring back 100$. Research and strategy can reduce development time from 33% to 50%.

Not only that, expect to see the reduction of customer service cost, a higher valuation, increase in sales and customer acquisition, reduced churn rate and bounce rate, increased brand trust, increased NPS, and more. Entrepreneur Paul Graham and co-founder of venture capital firm Y Combinator says this mistake kills startups: not making things people want. Forbes wrote in 2019 that user experience is THE business strategy.
Are we a good fit to work with Wabala Studio?
What makes your agency model different?
Once we complete our work with you, we won't leave you alone just yet. We provide you with some of the best partners in the field to support your company and product with website conversion, advertisement spend optimization, brand building, wellness and more.

We develop a range of products that we integrate into our process, so if potential clients prefer to jumpstart on their own, they can do so. Those products are also useful toolkits for design students, design enthusiasts, industry folks capacity building their product teams or any individual doing a career transition in user experience, product design or even in design thinking and strategy.

The products support our workshop process when we work with our service clients. We use them to solve engagement and product-market fit challenges.
How much do you charge?
Our pricing table starts at about 20% of a typical UX monthly salary. We charge per engagement only. We also offer service bundles, so you can save money and get more done. You can get a cost savings estimate and find out how much you can save working with us.
Who is the founder?
Wabala Studio was founded by East-African and Canadian Anne-Marie Mulumba. Anne-Marie is a designer by trade. She worked across the industry before starting this mission-driven company.
How can I learn more?
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